Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Little Shop of Horrors (Flea Land Flea Market, London, KY) (ABOUT US)

First off, welcome to our blog. I want to thank you all for visiting. We will be blogging about horror movies, music and our shop. For those that don't know we our a shop called Little Shop of Horrors. We are based in London, Kentucky. We are located inside Flea Land Flea Market; the biggest and best in the state of Kentucky. Our grand opening was in October, 2011. This is our third year opened. Inside Flea Land Flea Market we are located in aisle A. Aisle A is considered to most, the main aisle. We have relocated inside Flea Land Flea Market four times. We have now found our permanent spot in aisle A. Our business is growing, as with returning customers.

Our shop specializes in horror movie memorabilia. We are a collectible gift shop. To some people, we are considered a Halloween shop. We retail in action figures, bobble heads, masks, props, puppets, books, movies, shirts, posters, autographs and more. I started the shop along with my wife, Rachel. We are business partners. Even though Little Shop of Horrors has only been opened for three years. We have been in the flea marketing business for five years. We also own a jewelry shop called Bella Bling. It is located next to Little Shop of Horrors. Before Little Shop of Horrors I helped and worked with my wife inside Bella Bling. Two years later I opened Little Shop of Horrors. My wife now runs and operates Bella Bling. I run Little Shop of Horrors.

I figured if I was going to be at the flea market every weekend helping my wife run Bella Bling, why not start my own shop. The big question was what? What kind of shop could I possibly open? I wanted it to be original, something unique. I have had a passion for horror movies since I was a kid. I am now 34 years old. I have been collecting horror movie memorabilia for a long time. It all started when I rented the original Dawn of the Dead (1978) on VHS. I was only 10 or 11 years old at the time. It changed my life. I hadn't never saw so much gore and violence before. I was hooked on horror. I still remember the name of the mom and pop video store I rented from. It was called Video Link in London, KY. Then it came to me. Why not start a horror movie shop?

Little Shop of Horrors outside view. We wanted to give it a movie theater look.

First, I had to come up with a cool name. It was originally to be called Redrum Collectibles aka Murder Collectibles. I wanted to make it more family friendly. So, I came up with Little Shop of Horrors. The name was not so original. It came from the musical horror comedy Little Shop of Horrors. Little Shop of Horrors being about a shop. I thought worked out perfect. Even though I hear some people walking by, calling it Little Shop of Whores. Nope, it's Horrors. It took two weeks to get the shop built and stocked. I wanted to give it a movie theater look. I did not want it to look like a Halloween shop. I do not like being labeled a Halloween shop. We are a collectible gift shop.

I must say every weekend is always fun. I meet and talk to horror movie fans all day long. I love talking with my customers. It never gets old. I love it, just as much as they do. They say, don't never get in a business niche saling something you enjoy. Guess I made a bad mistake. There's always something I want to keep. Do I keep? Yes, sometimes. But, do sale something you know about. Horror, I do know. Sometimes, I feel like I'm in a episode of Pawn Stars. Not only do we sell, but we buy. We meet some very interesting people. I'm thinking of setting up a camera and doing my own reality show and posting episodes up on YouTube, called HorrorStars. You think it would make it big? Hmmm...

Little Shop of Horror's 'Wall of Horror'. Horror movie action figures.
Flea Land Flea Market is located in London, Kentucky. It is a high traffic flea market located off I-75. It is considered to be the biggest and best in the state of Kentucky. It has been proudly serving Kentucky since 1990. 80,000 square feet under one roof. Over 500 booths. It is open year round. London, Kentucky is a small southern town. Population: 7,993. Also, known as Laurel County. Now, the horror capitol. The state of Kentucky has a lot of horror movie connections. The Walking Dead writer/creator Robert Kirkman is from Richmond, Kentucky. Kirkman and his wife live in Kentucky. The Walking Dead comics take place in Cynthiana, Kentucky. The Return of the Living Dead (1985) takes place in Louisville, Kentucky.
 Little Shop of Horror's collectible horror movie masks and props.
Little Shop of Horror front inside view.
We also sell horror movie and television t-shirts.
 Little Shop of Horror's employee Daniel Baker showing off his Freddy Krueger glove.
 Little Shop of Horror's owner Chris, me.
The BEST movie memorabilia collectible shop in Southeast Kentucky. Specializing in horror movie memorabilia since 2011. Alive at the Flea Land Flea Market, in chopping aisle A. London, KY. Little Shop of Horrors! You want blood? You got it. Your one-stop monster shop. Lots of collectibles. Don't be afraid. Our monsters will greet you with a smile. Come check us out!
Opened: Sat. and Sun. 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

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