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Maximum Overdrive: Uncut / Deleted Scenes (1986, USA)

There are many deleted scenes from the film that are mentioned throughout literature and seen in photo stills from the film. Stephen King has mentioned on several occasions that the film was heavily cut to avoid an X rating from the MPAA. King has also spoken of showing the uncut version to fellow horror director George Romero and was quoted as saying that it made Mr. Romero sick. The removed shots were:

•Three Seconds of Bubba Hendershot getting shot up by the military vehicle in the Dixie-Boy Truck Stop shoot out scene.

•Three seconds of the steam roller running over Bobby.

•Three seconds of the bible salesman's face falling into his lap. However, in 1992, there was a fully unrated/uncut (with an exception of the back of the case had a R-Restricted symbol slapped on) VHS tape released by Karl-Lormar Home Video that in-fact included "all" lost footage.

•Few seconds of the Man At Bank ATM (Stephen King) greeting a few passer-byes just before sticking his bank card in the machine slot.

 •Few Seconds of the motorcyclist throwing his arms over his face, exactly shown in the film-trailer, just before plunging into the water.

•Few seconds of the pop can leaving an imprint on the Coach's forehead that expands into a huge bladder on his forehead and spraying blood.

•Few seconds of the Coach's forehead-bladder popping.

•Additional seconds of Steve Gayton at Duncan's aid after getting sprayed by diesel-fuel in the eyes.

•Six seconds of the electrical cutting knife slicing off Frank's right index finger.

•Three seconds of the ill-fated video-player saying "Wooow!" just before getting zapped, as shown in the theatrical-trailer.

•Additional seconds of the Coach warning Deke to get away just before he dies.

•Additional seconds of the steamroller riding through a nearby parking lot and Bobby's father getting squashed by it.

•The infamous exploding head steamroller scene. Additional seconds of the steamroller rolling Bobby over, making his head explode.

•An additional shot of the dead gas station attendant at the gas station.

•As Deke comes riding along on his bike, he comes to a stop. We can see a full back view of a car off in the distance on the right side of the road. As the Ice Cream Truck comes, we can still see it.

•We see a dead ice cream man in the ice cream truck.

•The Videoplayer escapes the Dixie-Boy unseen and hides in the drainage ditch.

•Another guy hides in the drainage ditch.

•Additional seconds of the bible salesman getting attacked by the Videoplayer and his buddy who attempts to cut off his face with a straight razor. But the two run unseen off with his knife because the bible salesman screamed.

•An additional shot of the dead man in the backyard. When the radio is giving warnings. It shows a glimpse of a dead man's feet, along with beer cans. The additional shot shows his full body with a chainsaw took to his throat.

•A shot of a half of a chewed up body by the lawnmower in a backyard.

•A few seconds of the bible salesman's noggin pealing down revealing his blooded skull as he rises up in the drainage ditch.

•As Brad runs to a nearby car with the dead woman, we can see a full back view of a school bus on the left side of the dirt road. And when Brad screams as he is about to die from the Happy Toyz truck, we can still see the bus.

•The last close-up of the Happy-Toyz truck's Green Goblin face is re-flipped, exactly shown in the theatrical trailer, instead of the "backwards-flipped" view.

There was a rumor about a supposed uncut VHS tape having been released by Lorimar Pictures in the early '90s but this is false. The uncut version has never been released on any format, in any country. This was a false rumor started on the Internet. Only Stephen King holds the original print of the uncut version and as of 2014, has not released it in any format. King's thoughts and further info on these cuts can be read in the book "The Lost Work of Stephen King" by Stephen J. Spignesi.

Behind the scenes photo. Stephen King and crew working on the drawbridge scene.

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