Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Little Shop of Horrors (LINK EXCHANGE)

Traffic is the key. Whether it's a blog, website or business. Traffic is very important. If your wondering what do I mean by traffic. Internet traffic is the flow of data across the internet. In other words, people visiting. Everyone is always looking for more traffic. So, lets get some traffic flowing.

If your looking to link exchange with me. Add my blog link to your site. Contact me to let me know you got my link up. I will add your link in exchange on my blog. Please send me your site's name and link. I'm not picky about if your site is new, old or PR. I could care less. I'll usually trade with anyone. My contact information is below.

I do have the following rules:

• No sites that have pornography.
• No sites that have illegal downloads.
• No sites that stream full movies.
• No sites that have viruses, adware, etc.

Sites I'm looking for to trade with:

• Movie sites (horror in particular)
• Music sites (heavy metal in particular)
• Halloween sites
• Directory sites

If you have something else feel free to contact me. I will check it out.

My blog statistics / traffic:

My blog is still in its new phase. But, I've been getting some good traffic just by SEO / Google. That's what I like about Blogspot. I'm also listed on horror / Halloween site directories.

Contact information:

Email: flealandhorrors[at]gmail.com
Title: Little Shop of Horrors
Link: http://www.littleshophorror.blogspot.com/

I do check my email. I will get your link up ASAP. The weekends I'm at the shop. So, I won't be able to get your link up until the following Monday. That about wraps it up. Lets get some traffic flowing.

After you add my link. Here's a list of free horror / Halloween directories to submit your site to. I've got my blog submitted and listed on all of these:

Para Zone
Horror Find
The Beyond
Morbid Manor
Horror Society
Forbidden Crypts
Dixie's Horror Sites
Best Ghost Sites
Scary Sites

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