Thursday, June 12, 2014

Distortions Unlimited: Die Zombie Die! Prop (2013)

I often get asked 'what's my most favorite item in the shop?' Well, to be honest I've got a lot of favorite items. Here lately I've been really into the props. Go figure, that is some of the most expensive items we have. But, I don't know what it is about them that attracts me. Is it their lifelike size? Is it because they are so detailed?

Currently at the shop, we have several props in stock. Including a life size Hellraiser Pinhead, Teddy Bear Girl Walker from AMC The Walking Dead and a couple of zombies. One of the props I like the most is a prop called 'Die Zombie Die!'. We got this prop in last year.

This prop is just absolutely amazing. A must see in person. Stands at almost 4 feet tall. Reminds me of a famous walker off The Walking Dead that goes by the name 'Bicycle Girl Zombie'.

Distortions Unlimited, featured on the hit TV series 'Making Monsters' (Travel Channel) made this amazing prop. The prop is also signed on back by Distortions Unlimited. This is a must for the die-hard collector! Distortions Unlimited is one of the premier Halloween Animatronics manufacturers in the industry. Featuring a huge selection of various Halloween Animatronics and Halloween Props, Distortions Unlimited has something for everybody, from low-budget home haunts to high-end professional Haunted Houses. Their work is top notch. They are considered the best in props.

Distortions Unlimited, known in the world of animatronics and mask makers as innovators with their impeccable design and execution. Ed Edmunds, the founder and co-owner of Distortions Unlimited Corporation, specializes in building animatronic monsters, creatures, zombies and aliens. Edmunds also constructs props, masks, set designs and haunted houses that have changed the industry across America. In Making Monsters, Edmunds and his team create some of most realistic and frightening masterpieces for events and tradeshows.

Edmunds’ fascination with popular sci-fi flicks and television began when he was a teenager living in rural Illinois. He studied Art Education at the University of Northern Colorado, and he used his artistic abilities to make and sell high-quality masks which eventually led to the creation of his company. He currently resides in Greeley, CO, with wife and co-owner of Distortions Unlimited, Marsha Taub-Edmunds.

Martha began working for Ed Edmunds in 1981 while working on her Teaching Certification in Biology at the University of Northern Colorado. She became intrigued by the creations of this booming local business and took it upon herself to learn the business, inside and out. Marsha and Ed connected through their shared artistic passion and wed in 1992; they have been running Distortions Unlimited as a team ever since. Together, the couple has spurred a revolution in America’s haunted house industry.

World-renowned designer and sculptor, Jordu Schell, assists Ed Edmunds and his Distortions Unlimited crew with sculpting their unbelievable monsters. Although Schell lives in Hollywood, he has become a dear friend and colleague of Edmunds over the years and often travels to Greeley, CO, to contribute to the Distortions Unlimited creations.
Schell became infatuated with Ed Edmunds at the age of 14 when he came across a Distortions mask at his local Halloween store. From that moment on, he knew he wanted to make monsters. Schell’s creativity led him to Hollywood, where he has contributed to award-winning films including Avatar, 300, Men in Black and Batman Returns. Schell also teaches sculpting and design at his studio, Schell Sculpture Studio, in Chatsworth, CA.
The Die Zombie Die! Prop is also signed on back by Distortions Unlimited.

There is also a animated version of this prop. The animated zombie shakes, twitches and moans in pain but just won't die! Foam-filled body with metal armature and heavy duty motor. All electric. Soundtrack CD is included. You provide CD player. But, the downfall is it's more expensive. We have the regular version in stock at our shop. But, you can order the regular or animated version at Amazon.

Amazon: Die Zombie Die! Prop (Distortions Unlimited) - $232.95 (REGULAR)
Amazon: Die Zombie Die! Prop (Distortions Unlimited) - $332.95 (ANIMATED)

Photo credits: Little Shop of Horrors (London, KY)

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